5 Signs Your Wisdom Teeth Need Extracting

Many dental procedures can give people a combination of anxiety and worry, but none as much as wisdom tooth removal. It’s by far the dental procedure that people would prefer to avoid, and luckily, a lot of people will never experience any problems with their wisdom teeth. But for those on the unluckiest of sides, a visit to your local Austin dentist might be unavoidable as the wisdom tooth erupts. Here are 5 signs that might tell you the wisdom teeth should be extracted:

1. Pain or Sensitivity That Doesn’t Go Away

The most common sign that your wisdom teeth need to be removed or at least inspected is pain or sensitivity in this area. The symptoms can appear whenever you drink or eat cold food or liquids, but a lot of people can end up experiencing continuous pain.

Pay attention to the pain or sensitivity around your wisdom teeth to notice your triggers. If the pain becomes continuous, book a visit to the dentist right away.

2. Jaw Problems

Because wisdom teeth erupt at the back of the mouth, their position can sometimes affect the jaw. If your jaw feels stiff or hurts while you speak or eat, it might be because of a wisdom tooth putting too much pressure on your joints.

3. Repeated Infections

Many people struggle to properly clean their wisdom teeth because they cannot reach them as well. This unfortunately makes the wisdom tooth more vulnerable to infection, as harmful bacteria are not properly removed.

Sometimes, you can even notice an abscess filled with pus forming right above the tooth, which is a clear sign the tooth is infected. In some cases, tooth infections can cause a lot of pain as well.

4. Impacted Wisdom Tooth

If your wisdom tooth is not able to fully penetrate the gum and erupt, this is called an impacted wisdom tooth. This usually happens when the tooth doesn’t have enough room to fully erupt, which can lead to other dental issues as a result.

Your dentist will likely recommend extracting the impacted wisdom tooth to avoid other issues down the line, such as problems with your jaw, or gum bleeding.

5. Teeth Crowding

Some winsome teeth can push their way out and actually end up crowing your other teeth, leading to visible changes in your smile. Extracting the wisdom tooth can stop this process from happening, but if the teeth move their position too much you might need braces or aligners to get them back to their natural position.

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