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What Are Bone Grafts?

A bone graft is the transfer of bone from one area of the body or by using a synthetic bone graft to replace missing bone and regenerate the growth of the jaw bone. This is often done at our Austin practice in preparation for dental implants, to stabilize the jaw due to excessive bone loss, or restore a person’s facial structure. 

Bone loss can occur as a result of tooth loss and gum disease and cause changes in a person’s bite and facial structure, leading to premature facial sagging. Without adequate jaw bone, a person is not a suitable candidate for dental implants and other tooth restorations like dental bridges because they don’t have enough bone to support the restoration.

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There are many different types of dental bone grafts but the most common one is an autograft which is taken from your own body.

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What To Expect: Bone Grafting Process

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You’ll come into our Austin dental office for a consultation so we can take x-rays and get a closer look at the extent of your bone loss. 

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Before placing the bone graft, our team will administer a local anesthetic to numb your mouth and we’ll clean the area before making an incision.

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An incision will be made into your gums and the grafting material will be placed between the disjointed sections of bone to fuse them.

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The incision will then be closed up with sutures.

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Bone grafts are usually necessary to provide a strong base for the implant to fuse with.

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When are bone grafts necessary?

Bone grafts are necessary when a patient has suffered from bone loss which has led to an inadequate amount of jaw bone support. If a patient wants to receive dental implants, one of the requirements for the procedure is to have sufficient jaw bone structure. Common reasons for bone grafts include:

- Tooth loss
- Gum disease
- Dental trauma
- Tooth misalignment

Bone loss leads to many consequences, such as shifting teeth, changes to your facial structure, orthodontic problems, and facial sagging. By regenerating the jaw bone, a patient can avoid these problems.

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Am I A Good Candidate For Grafting?

If you’re interested in receiving dental implants but don’t have adequate jaw bone density, you’re likely a great candidate for bone grafts. Almost half of all dental implant recipients required a bone graft procedure to support their implants. 

The best way to determine if you’re a suitable candidate for bone grafting is to come in for a consultation so we can assess the extent of your bone loss and determine if the procedure would be beneficial for you. Contact us at South Austin Dental Associates to schedule an appointment with Dr. Matthysse or Dr. Chelkowski today.

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By placing a bone graft to regenerate missing jaw bone, you can prevent future bone loss.

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