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Am I A Good Candidate for Implants?

What Are Full-Arch Implants?

Full-arch implants are dental implants that support a restoration that replaces all of the teeth in one or both arches of the mouth. A series of implants, typically 4 to 6, are embedded into the jawbone to stabilize a restoration which is attached to the implants in the form of a denture or bridge

In some cases, we can support an entire arch of teeth with as little as 4 implants. This is known as All-On-Four and requires less bone support than traditional implants. 

By placing two straight implants at the front of the jaw and two implants at a 45-degree angle at the back of the jaw, they can support more teeth without the need for additional implants. Contact us at South Austin Dental Associates today to schedule a consultation

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Because everyone’s oral anatomy is different, the number of implants required to support an arch of teeth varies on an individual basis.

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Our Full-Arch Implant Placement Process

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Dr. Matthysee or Dr. Chelkowski will assess your bone density with x-rays to determine if you’re a good candidate for full-arch implants. We will also need to rule out oral health problems.

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Implanting Posts

A series of titanium posts are implanted into the jawbone. This is done after making an incision and drilling into the bone under local anesthetic.

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After implantation, it takes 3 to 6 months for the jawbone and implants to fuse.

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The gums are reopened to attach abutments to the implants. These connect the implants to the restoration.

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Finally, impressions of your teeth are used to create a custom-fit restoration such as a removable denture or fixed bridge.

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What are the Benefits of Full-Arch Implants?

Full-arch implants enable you to combine the best aspects of dental implants and dentures by restoring the tooth roots, preventing bone loss, and replacing all of the teeth in the mouth without the need to replace every single tooth with a dental implant.

Traditional dentures are prone to slipping when you chew and speak, have a shorter lifespan, don’t prevent bone loss, are high maintenance, and don’t look or feel as natural as implant-supported dentures. 

By restoring the tooth roots and crowns, we create a tooth that looks and feels just like the real thing, even functioning like a real tooth by stimulating the jawbone to preserve the existing jawbone. This prevents facial sagging and changes to your facial appearance. Dental implants last for 25 years to a lifetime with proper care and are low maintenance. 

You can care for your implants the same way you would your natural teeth. Because your dentures are held in place with stable implants that never move, you don’t have to worry about shifting teeth when you speak or eat.

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How Long Do Full-Arch Implants Last? 

The implants themselves are built to last because they are made of biocompatible titanium which is well-accepted by the body and is incredibly strong and durable. With proper care, these implants will last for a minimum of 25 years and up to a lifetime. However, you will need to replace the attached restoration, which could be every 10 to 15 years.

Am I A Good Candidate For Full-Arch Implants?

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A good candidate for full-arch implants is someone who is suffering from severe tooth loss and wants a more stable tooth replacement than traditional dentures that prevent bone loss. 

Candidates should not have any oral health problems, should not smoke, and should ideally have adequate jawbone support. However, patients with minimal bone support can undergo bone grafting or be good candidates for All-On-Four.

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If you have a history of gum disease that has caused significant bone loss, All-On-Four is a great option for you.

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